ACTION - Aikido

Action Martial Arts is proud to have Sensei Steve Gayer and his Aikido Class joining us at Action Martial Arts.

Tuesday & Thursday 7:15 - 8:45 pm
     Saturday 8:30 - 10:30 am

     Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 - 6:45

About Sensei Gayer:
Sensei Stephen Gayer

Began training in Aikido in 1966 under Isao Takehashi Sensei, 6th Dan. Los Angeles CA.
Trained 1973-1975 Under Robin Heifetz Sensei, Shodan
Awarded Shodan under Ki No Kenkukai (Ki Society) 1977
Trained 1976-1979 Under Roderick Kobayashi Sensei, 6th Dan.
Trained 1979-1981 in Japanese Karate under Koichi Ideta
Awarded Shodan in Koi Ryu Karate 1981.
Trained under Sensei Koichi Barrish, Soke of Shin Ryu Aikido from 1981 to 1991. Awarded Nidan 1983 (Shin Ryu Aikido)
Awarded San Dan 1985 (Shin Ryu Aikido)
Awarded Yon Dan 1988 (Shin Ryu Aikido)
Awarded Go Dan 1999 (Shin Ryu Aikido)

Teaching Experience (taught celebrities, athletes, Hollywood stuntmen, law enforcement and regular students)
Head instructor of UCLA Aikido club (1977-1980)
Aikido Instructor, Los Angeles Dept of Parks and recreation. 1981-1983
Taught Shin Ryu Aikido in various locations in San Fernando Valley of LA, CA 1984-1989
Instructed Aikido as a University credit course for Dept of Kinesiology, California State University, Northridge 1989-1993
Instructed for Fairfax County 1994-1996
Instructed at TMAC, Herndon Va 1995-2001
Instructed at  Dojo Cho, Shin Ryu Aikido at OSMA, formerly TMAC



Other Instructors
Sensei Jim Wright

Sensei Wright has earned the rank of Sandan (3'rd degree) in Shin Ryu Aikido. He has been teaching adult classes for more than 8 years.

Sensei Neil Cohen

Sensei Cohen has earned the rank of Sandan (3'rd degree) in Shin Ryu Aikido. He has been studying Aikido for 15 years, and teaching adult classes for more than 8 years





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